Friday, October 23

A Visual Trip Inside My Brain

Some time ago, Heather did a post about her thoughts and used this awesome brain outline that she'd made and I asked for a copy and she posted about it and I'm finally getting around to putting up my "on my mind" brain drawing. I went with pictures as opposed to words, because I tend to be fairly verbose at the best of times, so when there is opportunity for less, I feel like I should take it and give you guys a break.

So this is what's in my head on a regular basis right now:

Just in case you aren't sure what the drawings are, I will provide a lovely list, starting on the far left.

Thanksgiving. (Yes, worst doodle of a turkey in forever.)
Packing, boxes, moving.
Reading books, writing books. Books in general.
The blue person is me dancing around my new apartment with no one to see me.
My writing.
Money...budgeting, planning, rent, etc.
That greyish/black thing with the squares is a computer keyboard.
Above that is a cheeseburger with onion rings.
Yes, I am starting to think a little about Christmas. Homemade cards this year.
The pinkish red mess is leaving room for the crazy.
The blue house in the middle is I cannot fucking wait to move.
Picture taking, instagram, photos, blah...I just like taking pics.
Zombies, as always.
And pizza. Because pizza.

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