Thursday, October 22

Garfield's Halloween Adventure

Who remembers this one from the 80's? 

Super excited for Halloween and candy-candy-candy.

Definitely not a scaredy cat. Odie don't care either way.


Okay, this cartoon guy scared the crap out of me as a kid.

Well, crap. Pirate ghosts.

Won't spoil it all in case someone out there hasn't seen it, but naturally a happy ending is in order, and Garfield shares the booty with Odie.

A cartoon classic, filled with fun songs, plenty of delightful Odie, and a couple moments of genuine creepiness, this Halloween special is a must. 
You can usually find Garfield's holiday specials collection at Walmart or Target, and if not there, of course Amazon. Definitely worth it. 

- All screen stills were taken from my own copy of this movie. - 

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