Sunday, October 18

Sunday Confessions: 10-18-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: It is currently one o'clock in the afternoon and I have only been awake for half an hour. If you can call what I am "awake." Some nights are better than others.

I confess: I took Isabelle to the vet a few days ago to get her shots updated and everyone there fawned over her (naturally,) and when the vet said: (quote:) "She is in excellent health in general for a cat, and for ten years old, her energy, agility, and mental faculties are actually quite exceptional." - Yeah, I was like a beaming parent who had just found out her kid was named valedictorian. 

 I confess: We watched the goonies last night and basically I couldn't stop imaging stuff like this: 
the lord of the rings animated GIF

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