Sunday, October 25

Sunday Confessions: 10-25-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: I've been binge-watching iZombie on netflix and I really like it. This wouldn't be a confession, except a lot of your more hard-core zombie fans tend to not love this show. But I am enjoying it so far, so whatever.

can you spare a brain?

I confess: I got out of the shower and put on pajama pants. And something felt funny. So I spent ten minutes jiggle walking until I finally took them off and discovered a dryer sheet stuck to my tush. Maybe that should've been step 1.

black and white animated GIF

I confess: Shawn recently got a new job he is very happy with. He works the broiler at a bar & grill place, so basically my husband's job is to spend all day cooking steak. He comes home talking about his day and how crazy busy it was and I'm just sitting there like:

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