Sunday, October 4

Sunday Confessions 10-4-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: I have recently come to realize that I prefer powder creamer in my coffee. (Ducks while throwing of rotten tomatoes and eggs commences.) Of course, it needs to be flavored, like french vanilla or something. But yeah. There it is. 

I confess: I actually genuinely like Lender's bagels. You know, the frozen kind they keep in the refrigerator section? I'm not a bagel snob. Then again...I've never been to New York, which I know is a thing. I'll add it to the list. (But I'm not changing my pizza ways. New York pizza is dumb. Deep dish all the way, baby.)

I confess: Shawn & I have been binge-watching Once Upon a Time and it's entirely possible I'm more emotionally involved with the characters than is 100% healthy.

I confess: One of the many reasons I am super stoked about October - among all the other reasons we white girls are all about - leaves, hoodies, cute boots, pumpkin spice everything - is it's the best time of year for horror movies. I freaking LOVE horror movies - there is nothing better than lighting a pumpkin spice candle, curling up with a blanket on a grey day and watching a good fright fest. And if said horror movie takes place in the Autumn, even better. :)

I confess:  My brother & sister went away for the weekend - they left Friday afternoon and are coming home late this evening. And while I love them, this has been the best weekend I've had in a l-o-n-g time.

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