Sunday, November 1

Sunday Confessions: 11-1-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: I sprained my knee doing poorly executed acrobatic outdoor sex while on a hike.

I confess: I am kinda glad Halloween is over and I can just bask in autumn. I actually love Halloween normally, but this is one of those random off years where I'm just not feeling it.

I confess: When we got the news that the move that was supposed to take place in

Early October
Mid-to-Late October
The end of October, for sure this time
The beginning of November
Mid November, absolutely, for really reals, totally not kidding this time

Got pushed back AGAIN, and the new date is

November 30, Probably, and
First week of December, we absolutely mean it this time - 

we (Shawn & I) basically lost our shit. He kind of reacted like this:

angry animated GIF

Meanwhile, I reacted like this: 

sad animated GIF

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