Sunday, November 15

Sunday Confessions 11-15-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: I spent the last entire week feeling super lethargic and listless. I was freaking miserable and I hated it. So I decided to stop taking a certain medication I am was on and I already feel a ton better.

I confess: Google Chrome is making me insane. First it was my youtube acting up, so I fixed that problem with the browser settings. But that fix made my netflix act up. So I followed the recommended process and uninstalled and reinstalled both google chrome and silverlight plug-in and netflix was still being a pain, so then I had to do ANOTHER thing and goddammit, google chrome - just be useful and normal and quit being such a fucktard!
(PS - Yes, I did eventually fix all the problems, and yes, I am using Firefox A LOT more now.)

I confess: I am not feeling the Christmas spirit yet. This isn't such a big deal for a lot of people, but generally for me, I am just itching to get to Thanksgiving so it's officially the holiday/Christmas season. As yet, I haven't felt anything remotely Christmasy.

I confess: Last night, one of my IRL friends texted me about my most recent post and it made my night. I love my readers, I love comments, I love all the interaction that goes with blogging.

I confess: My aunt and uncle got Shawn & I started playing Wizard 101 - and I am completely hooked and loving it. It takes me outside of myself and distracts me like nothing else so far. I'm not normally into the RPGs, and I've never been into anything like World of Warcraft or anything like that, but this one I really dig. Possibly because it's cartoony and also aimed for kids & family friendliness. 

What are your confessions this week?

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