Wednesday, January 6

Photodump: The Apartment

The moment you've all been waiting for:

First visit after signing the lease. The patio faces East.

Nice lighting, and a little window in the dining area. It's a very bright place. 

This bathtub actually works. The plug stays down so water doesn't
slowly drain out.

This washer/dryer set is possibly smarter than my computer.

Where I'm standing, to the right is the kitchen, left is living room.

Living room so far. Still stuff to do and add.
But! It is big enough to do exercise dvd's without moving furniture,
which is a novelty.

The second bedroom/office/den. All but a couple of those boxes are
full of action figures and other collectibles that Shawn has
accumulated since he was 18 or so.

This little corner is going to be my office area.

How to decorate the laundry room.

And the closet.

A few things:
~ All the appliances are energy-efficient -  including the shower. Our old shower was like being in a waterfall. You could stand under the spray and it could give your back or chest a nice little massage. Getting used to energy-efficient water pressure was weird at first.

~ The oven and stove work amazing! Old place, package directions says: bake for 10 minutes. Yeah, bake for at least 15 minutes. Here: package says bake for 10 minutes, you bake for 10 minutes. The burners heat up rather quickly & cool down nicely.

~ I think I've already expressed my delight at the bath plug staying put and not leaking so I can actually take a bath.

~ The microwave has a turntable. The old place had an ancient microwave without a turntable and also you had to zap things for twice the time suggested. (At least).

~ The sink has a sprayer. It is such a pain in the ass to clean a sink without a sprayer. #firstworldproblems

~ The water tastes good. Old place had that weird mineraly city-water taste and the filter didn't fit well at all.

~ Holy monkeys, the washer & dryer! Our first day here, I washed all our bedding. The comforter came out and I was stunned by how BRIGHT the thing was. Like, BRIGHT. And really soft. And when the sheets came out and we were making the bed, he was all "man, these sheets are so...fluffy." 
Old place had an efficiency unit that  was well beyond it's "need to be replaced by" date and was a huge issue with me, because no matter how many times I complained about the dryer being crap and the washer having a weird smell, nothing ever got done. Although, this from the same place that employed a maintenance man who, when I pointed out that our roof was going to leak, responded with: "Well, roofs leak, you know."
(I WISH I was making that up.)

So things are good and I will take more pictures as we go and get more settled in. 

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