Sunday, January 17

Sunday Confessions 1-17-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: We are in the middle of (another) snow storm with tons of lake effect snow (the short definition: cold air clouds move over big 'ole lakes, and since water takes longer to change temperature, the water is warmer than the air. So the cold clouds suck up all the "warm" lake water and then once they're back over land, it's like "oh, time to take a dump." Basically, it's cloud diarrhea.

I confess: Shawn was supposed to work at noon and I freaked out and put the kibosh on that plan, seeing as we can't get out of the parking lot in our tiny car.

I confess: I completely didn't take any weekend snapshots, so it's going to be stock photos and such for me again this week.

I confess: This is the weakest Sunday Confessions I've done in a long time - I'm aware of it and kinda don't care.

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