Saturday, January 2

Sunday Confessions: 1-2-16 (Internet Stuff Edition)

The United States of Becky

I confess: 2 entire weeks without internet was...well, shitty would be a good word. There were other things to do: clean, unpack, play video games, read, draw, all the other stuff in the world. But man. You know that Treehouse of Horror episode of The Simpsons where they are parodying The Shining, and they call it "The Shinning," and Homer is all "No beer and no TV makes Homer go crazy."? Yeah. This was more like "No coffee and no internet make Becky go crazy."

I confess: I have so many things in my many blog post ideas. So many ideas for doodles. So many gifs I want to make. I sat down this morning with a big cup of coffee and put on the music and started getting to work.

I confess: I am STILL working on cleaning up my old posts/archives. I am checking links and gifs and videos and deleting posts and adding pics and that shit is involved, yo. But I do enjoy doing it.

I confess: There were a TON of unread posts in my bloglovin' feed. I went through my favorite blogs and read all those ladies' posts and commented on many, but the others, I really just skimmed - as in, I looked at the title and the image to see if it was worth my time to bother and mostly it wasn't. About 90% of the unreads were Christmas-related. So, boom. I am caught up on blog reading.

I confess: The fact that Sunday Confessions were still posted even during a 2 week absence made my day when I saw them. You guys are the best.

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