Monday, January 4

Weekend Snapshots 1

So I thought I would attempt to do a weekend snapshots thing, even though my life isn't particularly interesting.
Currently it is being hosted by 3twentysix and reinventing jess (honestly I am okay with just joining in this link-up and not hosting it).
I don't have a header picture yet, so here's a picture of me from summer 2006.

I am working on being healthier inside and out, in small steps. I thought I would makeover my snacking, so when we went grocery shopping I decided to pick up carrots and hummus. And then today I was having a late lunch of a sandwich and carrots and hummus. And then I was all:
What the hell was I thinking? I hate carrots and hummus. Or at least, that flavor of hummus. Or maybe the combination of the two? I feel like garlic hummus on pita chips would be good; I've had that before and enjoyed it.


I finished reading Dietland, which I quite enjoyed. And no, it is not just about some chick who wants to lose weight. 

source/author site

Now that we have internet, and therefore, netflix, back, I am sucked back into the world of Stars Hollow and Fake Yale watching Gilmore Girls again. I watch it in spurts. I'll watch a bunch of episodes and suddenly be like: "I hate you all," and stop watching for a good long time and then out of the blue I'll be all "Oh, let me consume Gilmore Girls the way they consume coffee."

the walking dead rick grimes andrew lincoln

I realize the above is not a "snapshot" and it's also not Gilmore Girls, but it was the only thing I could find to adequately show how I feel about having netflix back.

Yeah, that's about all - it was a pretty low-key weekend. And next week, I'll be more prepared...maybe.

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