Tuesday, January 19

Weekend Snapshots 3

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Shawn & I went to the store yesterday afternoon before the worst of the (I've lost track of whether it's an ongoing, might-never-end snowstorm, or if we are just having new ones every single day) storm. 
Car selfie after getting groceries while Shawn double-checked the oil in the car.
Odd lighting. My face is like a white ball wearing a hat here. 

True romance: Shawn cooked something in the microwave and it exploded; he didn't ignore it or just tell me later or anything - he cleaned it up himself, right away. 

Snowed in pretty much all weekend.
These were all taken with my phone; the 2nd from bottom is the only one that comes close to showing how thick the snow was and how bad the visibility. 

Not pictured, because I am too lazy to take screenshots and take the time to load the pics onto my computer:my phone was being a jerk, and my patience ran thin, so I ended up doing a factory reset 
on it. Not a problem - it actually functions faster and cleaner and better now and everything is wonderful and I didn't lose any pics or contacts and yay! - the only thing that mildly bugs me is I have lost months worth of period tracker and headache log tracker. Eh, it's a small price to pay.

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