Wednesday, February 3

Weekend Snapshots 5

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If I'm not actually working, but just goofing off, I will sit on the couch with my laptop.
I made the mistake of going out of my way to make her comfy one day, putting my
sweatshirt there to make a pillow.
Now she thinks this is her new bed, and she expects the pillow to be there and 
gets annoyed if I don't let her on my lap for some reason.

I am on Shawn's sleep schedule, for the most part. That means bed between 2-3 and
wake up between 10-11. My (now every two weeks) standing therapy appointment
is at 8:30 AM. Those days are hard. On the left: coffee while the car heats up and Shawn
scrapes the ice. On the right, my gorgeous untouched selfie of what I look like when I woke up 
twenty minutes prior and the sun isn't really up yet and it's a grey sucky day. And yes,
that is actually the natural shape of my mouth. 
#no filters #no re-touch

At the clinic, icicles outside the clinic. It's hard to tell, but they went from
the roof to the ground. And also, I was completely alone in the waiting room and 
this couple came and out of the various rows of chairs, they sat in the same row
as me with only one chair between us, the one my purse was sitting on.
I was annoyed and my anxiety was pinging in high gear and my leg was bouncing a mile 
a minute and I started chewing on my jacket and the lady kept shooting annoyed looks 
at me for jiggling my leg and I was thinking "Bitch, I can't help it. I was fine 
until you sat down in my bubble."

And the weather was pretty much a suck-fest all weekend. Grey, rainy, dreary.
Icy cold rain and slick roads and everything is wet and cold and ugh.
These two pics were taken on two different days. 

So yeah, a pretty uneventful weekend, all in all. Very basic with lots of greys, apparently. But I had a lot of fun with the cat, at least. Just didn't get good pics of that. 

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