Thursday, March 10

Blogging Challenges I Face

On Posting:
Sometimes life gives you challenges.
And sometimes life is just...well, it's not that interesting. You just keep going and the days keep passing and you make food and take showers and collect the mail, but nothing particularly interesting happens and you just keep going.

gfaught loop rainbow color fitness
How hypnotic is this gif?

Sometimes things happen that I technically could blog about, but I don't want to, because while I aim to keep my blog honest and real, I very much don't want to sink into negative stuff too much.
Sometimes it's not even stuff that's necessarily bad, it's just I'm going through a depression sink or some such thing. But I really don't want reading my blog to turn into this:

editingandlayout  alan rickman bored boring editingandlayout

And while I do try very hard to keep this place honest and real with both ups and downs, there are some things that of course I'm just not going to share - and until those things are filtered out of my head, I'm like that rainbow on a treadmill, except it's my thoughts repeating themselves, rather than my days. 

And of course, there's always the good-'ole "does anyone actually care/is anyone actually entertained?" God, I hope so! 

On Connecting:
Oy. I freaking love blogging and I love my blogger friends. But sometimes locating other blogs that I'm interested in is just a pain in the ass. I tend to check out blogs that my favorite bloggers read, and I do make an effort to comment. And it's okay if a blogger doesn't want to check out my site or does and isn't interested. But if I'm taking the time to not only read, but to comment - courtesy dictates you reply. (Unless you are one of those blogs with thousands of followers and hundreds of comments a day. Dude, can you imagine responding to all those?)

Being non-niche is a difficult (but damn awesome!) place to be in blog-land. And there are many blogs or post types that I flat ignore. I will sometimes do a post about blog stuff I don't read. 

I guess I would honestly say the biggest blogging challenge for me, truly, is that sometimes my life isn't particularly exciting. That's why I sometimes (frequently) skip weekend snapshots - because they would all be the same, maybe? But with spring coming, I think things will lighten up. 

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