Monday, March 28

Instagram Loses Its Shit - Again

So by now everyone is aware of the new changes happening to Instagram, right? I know I woke up this morning and found a feed full of
"Turn on notifications!"
"You might never ever see my posts again if you don't turn on notifications!"
"The world is terrible and turn on notifications!"
Everyone seemed to be losing their shit over the most recent changes.

scared screaming scream

So I did what I do and I googled it, to see what the big hoopla was all about.

Evidently Instagram now has the option where you can go to someone's profile and turn on notifications for every time they post so you never ever miss a single drop of instagram genius that Promo McFollowme shares. 
In the case of people whose accounts you love but they don't post very often - freaking yay! Awesome.
In everyone else's case - who gives a crap?

Except of course, this change also comes with the second part, which is that the formula has changed so Instagram is no longer in chronological order, but in order of popularity/what it thinks you'll be most interested in based on your insta-behavior. 
Dick move.

It really is a dick move. It reinforces the whole stupid crap of promoting the popular and the little guys get shoved to the bottom of the pile. 
Apparently they're all: the average person misses out on 70% of their social media feed! 
Hark! The Four Horsemen are coming if you don't see every single thing! have a confession...I don't really follow too many people on instagram. 165 right now. I don't believe in F4F, L4L, etc. I DO check out the profiles of people who like/comment/follow me. Because maybe they are cool? 
But...I don't know. I scroll through a few times a day and almost every time, I find quickly make my way back down to the last posts I saw where I left off. Many of the people I follow don't post multiple times a day, or every day even. So it's not a thing for me.
But then, I'm not following thousands of people. 
So my question is: WHY? I'm not trying to be a schmuck, I'm honestly curious: why would anyone follow so many accounts they just can't possibly keep up? 
If I follow an account, I honest-to-goodness WANT to see what they share. I'm not going to follow any account unless I am actively interested in it/the person behind it.
I understand that I am in the minority on this one.

So I mean, yeah. Taking it out of chronological order and basing it on popularity is a super dick move that I am honestly not in favor of. Just leave it the hell alone.
The enabling notifications thing is cool, though.'s what I think about notifications:

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