Wednesday, March 2

Internal Organs as Status Symbols, or, Where I've Been

Frequent UTI's have been an ongoing thing for me for a couple years now. So a couple weeks ago was my most recent trip to the doc for a super in-depth urinalysis for another UTI and a round of antibiotics.
Except...there is no bacteria in my urine, nothing to indicate infection. Yet I have all the symptoms, and my urine is definitely abnormal, there is a bunch of shit in there that shouldn't be, things that "only unhealthy kidneys would ever have this show up in a urinalysis."

So they come back with: let's run some more tests.
So they ran tests, looking for everything from the innocuous to the Scary.
And guess what answer they finally came up with?

idk shrug i dont know television sesame street

The whole thing has been like this:

And to answer the next question - yup, I'm still having symptoms and my urine is still abnormal but negative for infection. The only suggestion anyone can come up with is to "keep drinking a lot of water." Which has me like:

harry potter idk shrug confused dumbledore

So who knows? Guess I'll just keep on truckin' along, because it's not like having healthy kidneys is important or anything.

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