Sunday, April 10

Sunday Confessions 4-10-16

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Before diving into this week's confessions, I just wanted to note that my new layout isn't quite finished yet, but I hope you'll enjoy it. For your convenience, the Sunday Confessions Button will always be available on the Buttons tab at the top left of the screen for ease of use, no matter what day of the week you post your confessions. I hope this will work for everyone.

I confess: The reason it took me until 3:30 PM to post today is because I was absorbed in a book.

I confess: I need some cool new blogs to follow guys. This is not rhetorical. Suggestions, please.

I confess: I am coming to the conclusion that Me + Carbs For Breakfast (read: cereal) = Setting Myself Up For a Low Energy Day

I confess: I really need to clean the apartment. And I'm internetting.

Finally, I confess: I temporarily took Facebook off my phone. Not only is almost half of my storage freed up and my phone runs much faster, but I feel a little less like I want to throw my phone against the wall. 
However. There are ups and downs to both sides, and I'll be posting about that and hopefully getting some feedback from you guys. Anyway, here is my thought that didn't get posted this morning since I don't currently have the app on my phone:

Morning boogers are the worst.

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