Sunday, May 15

Sunday Confessions 5-15-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: *Christine and I are having a sister date tomorrow: we each picked a movie, we're going to pop popcorn, lay in our pajamas, and veg out and watch movies. Zombie movies scare her, so naturally I picked Planet Terror. Bwa ha ha. 

I confess: I am having a really hard time typing this because the cat is on my lap and her tail keeps brushing the touch pad and I don't move her because I wouldn't want to upset her.

I confess: Only in the past week did I learn that apparently knives of the cooking, steak, etc, variety, and also nonstick cookie sheets should actually not be washed in the dishwasher because apparently it is bad for them and breaks them down quicker. Apparently, A LOT quicker. (Did you guys know this?)

clueless alicia silverstone my bad

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