Wednesday, June 1

It's Ligamentary, Watson

So I visited the orthopedist yesterday and got some updates. Those of you who I'm friends with on facebook will know a bit of this already.
I got to wear the super snappy shorts and they ran tests and I got to wait around while I could have easily learned Greek (I later learned the P.A. of the particular Dr. I was seeing at that practice was off sick that day.)  Anyway...
So, Dr. comes back and goes over my x-rays with me and spends a few minutes rolling and bending all my different joints around and asking me various questions. And we go over all the tests. And so he's like: 
"Has anyone every told you you have hyper mobile joints?"
Me: "I don't even know what that is."
Him: "Essentially it's double-jointed." He goes on to explain that like anything else, there are varying degrees of double jointedness. Some people are super lax and open and bendy and these are the people you see sitting on the floor on their pelvis with the bottoms of their feet touching behind their head. Other people are just super crazy good at yoga. Some people (like myself) don't even realize anything is abnormal about how far their joints bend until something happens and they have to see a doctor. 
Apparently this is not normal.
So when started talking about the problems with my feet, and my super high arches, and he asked if my arches fall flat when I walk barefoot and I said yes, and he looked at me like I was an idiot for not knowing something was wrong (well - I've had wonky bad feet all my life, I just thought it was a another stupid thing, you know!) and he's showing me how other people can't bend their ankles around the way mine do and how loose and open my knees are compared to "normal" (as if this is all super obvious and even a Furby would know this, and I'm like: 

duh movies reactions jim carrey oops

His official diagnosis is Ligamentous Laxity

We discussed how I didn't know for 36 years, and it was only when I pulled something on a mini-hike as part of my weight-loss/get healthy plan and the pain wouldn't go away that I ran into trouble. Then he proceeded to give me this lecture: 

(AFTER we had already discussed my weight and I told him I was well aware it was all my fault and I probably deserved it and I had it coming and I know that no matter what the injury was, I was asking for it and if I wasn't a cow, it wouldn't have happened, etc. Still, he felt the need to lecture me.)

He told me it is very important that I lose weight because being so heavy accounts for a lot of the pain on my knees and feet.


The doctor's official prescription is to lose weight and let my pain be my guide, but know that exercise is painful and especially with LL, I'm going to have pain, but if I want to lose weight, I'm going to have to push through the pain. He said continue with ibuprofen and acetaminophen and let my pain be my guide. So. There we are. 

I'm just very glad to report it's nothing serious and I can go back to true exercise. YES!!! (Although no squats for me. At least not for a while.) 


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