Saturday, June 11

Sunday Confessions 6-12-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: I managed to get locked out of my blogger email account. I do what little I can to maintain a modicum of privacy. I have fought and fought to not give my phone # out as a recovery option for passwords, I have multiple emails for different things, etc. Well, the email I use for all things related to blogging I had just changed the password on and apparently I must've written down something slightly different than what I entered because now I can't get in. And because I'm a genius and don't want all my shit linked, I had no recovery emails and no recovery phone number. So, yeah. Everything that has been sent to that email address within the past ten days or so is gone. Never going to be seen again. Crap.
My reaction was a combination of this:

source - seriously, go here and push the button it is super fun

and this:

I did set up a new email for all blogging related things. This email is (Jess - can you please send that pic we discussed to this email?)
All comment updates and feedback from disqus or google are in that old email so I will have to go through manually and check.

I confess: I completely flaked on last week's Sunday Confessions because I just did. I didn't even think about S.C. until Friday and I was like d'oh!

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