Thursday, June 9

The One Where the Neighbors Wouldn't Leave

Just change "roommate" to "neighbor."

You know how sometimes it's easy to be cool with uncool behavior if someone is otherwise not a douchehound? Example: let's say someone is perpetually revving their engine or blasting their music or something in a shared parking lot but it doesn't bother you because the person is a cool person. But a person who is otherwise a douchehound all the time blasts their crap radio and you need to strangle them?
This is the situation with the people who live above me.
I have a higher of opinion of bugs because at least bugs do something. At least they contribute something to the world.

I am not going to go into a long list of all their individual transgressions. Suffice to say there is a lot of fighting, a lot of "wow, these people should never have been allowed to procreate" and "I feel sorry for their children" and a lot of other pleasant assyness. He should not be living here. He is living here illegally. Again, not going into details. But all this shit is going on and he (she and her kids are on the lease, he is not) is not even supposed to live here.
It wouldn't bother me if they were noisy and fought a lot if they were honest hard-working people. It wouldn't bother me if he spent 80% of his time here while not on the lease if he worked and was actually taking his kids outside and playing with them. (I know that's a morality grey area and it's not like it's ok, I'm just admitting that I am not perfect and probably too willing to overlook "bad" behavior if there are good reasons for it or enough "good" to outweigh the bad. Point: I kinda suck.) But when someone is a noisy, disrespectful, thoughtless douchenugget who ALSO just abuses the system that is meant to help people, someone who is the type of person that unfortunately republicans are right about - then I have no use for them. I have no forgiveness or patience because they are not even trying. This is the type of person that doesn't care about anything but what they want.

Feel sorry for the kids, though.
I just wish they would move already. Leave. Just go away and be assholes somewhere else.

Bear in mind, I have lived next to/above/underneath:
A Drug Dealer
A Bongo Player
A Woman With 5 Kids Under Age 10
A Meth Addict
A Clinically Diagnosed Nymphomaniac
A Woman Impersonating a Nymphomaniac

and others. And the people currently above us are

SONG IS EXPLICIT You can view the lyrics here

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