Sunday, July 24

Sunday Confessions 7-24-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: Summer is delightful. It's great. But there is a lot of bullshit that comes along with summer that annoys me to no end and the past couple weeks have been one of those times when all the summer bullshit, i.e., extra traffic; melting; figuring out what to eat without cooking; Shawn working extra hours; construction, - all that stuff is grating on my nerves extra hard.

I confess: I'm thrilled that more and more birds have been seen eating around our apartment complex. For a while it was zero birds. Because, you know, the shitty thing about building a new apartment complex is they bulldozed forest and fields. Which is part of why we have an abundance of spiders here. But now the birds are coming back.

I confess: I'm planning to do a new thing called Film Friday and it's going to be mostly shitty B movies, (because that is what I watch) however, some good stuff. If you have a request of something you'd be interested in getting my thoughts on (because....most important review of all, right?) I am open to suggestions.

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