Wednesday, August 31

Fave Fonts 1

I have to tell you guys: I love fonts. I do. I am that person who will waste two hours on picking just the right font before I start writing whatever I was going to write. And God help me if I don't already have the font that feels right for the job, because I will go looking. And then I get sucked into the never-ending beautiful black hole of free fonts. Seriously. Pinterest has NOTHING on the time suck that is looking at fonts.

I know every blogger and their mother is all "free font friday" and crap, but that's not me. I actually honestly really enjoy seeing these fonts when I make my lists and write notes to myself. I am quite picky about what I download and even more so about what I end up using.
I thought you might enjoy them. Maybe you won't.
Also, I made up stories for them, because.

The name of a store in a quaint New England town. Over the years it has been a bookstore, a clothing store, an occult store, a kitsch store, a clothing store again, a jewelry store, a coffee shop, etc. Currently trying to make it's way by books and the kitschy occult, like protection necklaces and charm candles and stuff. The lady who owns it is new and town and she's not sure if she is going to make it. The town rumor is that no one can keep the store going for very long because when the town was first founded, a witch lived on that property and she cursed the land so no one would ever be able to make the land prosperous. Unproven theory, but then again....

Prince Charming's younger sister by 8 years. After her initial phase of being pissed about being "too young" to attend balls and go on embassy trips that Stupid Older Brother went on, she eventually got over it when she realized: A.) People remember princesses names, no one remembers the names of princes, unless they are very interesting, and B.) There are a lot of unused rooms in this castle and actually a lot of ways to sneak out. From age 8 onward makes previously abandoned rooms her own, each dedicated to various "things she is interested in." In one room she has tons of pictures of the human anatomy from medical books on the walls. In another room she has created a veritable haven for all the frogs she has caught. She wants to make an aviary in the tower. Her personal butler both loves and hates his assignment, because helping to create a frog sanctuary wasn't what he was trained for and isn't exactly fun, but then again, it's better than waiting on the dumb prince.
Daisy grows up and goes to a very exclusive college in a foreign country. Double majors, ends up becoming a scientist and owning a reptile sanctuary.

English teacher in a New England town, obviously. Young, of course. Single, duh. She adores the history teacher across the hall and he likes her. They've been out for coffee a few times. A part of her wishes for more excitement, like maybe she could date a cop or something like in one of the mystery novels she's always reading. One night she and a couple of friends are leaving the theater after seeing a movie they all enjoyed very much for the eye candy, some random guy just like, bumps into her really hard. Her first instinct is to apologize, because - you know. But then also she's kinda pissed, thinking about the tough cool chick from the movie and she pushes the guy away while shouting "Hey!" and then she sees dude is fucked up and also she does NOT want more excitement in her life (this all happens in that space of a flash of a millisecond) and she already has her keys in her hand and kind of whips them at his face hoping to make him go away but it doesn't really do anything and he ends up grabbing her arm and taking a big bite out of her wrist and she screams and tries to get away while he chews on her arm. Because let's face it: everyone thinks they would survive a zombie apocalypse/outbreak, but most of us would die.

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