Friday, August 12

Film Friday: Hush


Hush has generally earned praise from horror fans and just general movie goers alike and I have to agree. It's not groundbreaking, but it succeeds in areas where so many other horror movies fail.
Plot/tension: it starts, it moves steadily, things continue to build at a reasonable pace, the characters doing things real humans would do as opposed to ridiculousness because the plot says so, and builds logically on all things that have come before. 
Appearance: Human/normal. Our main characters look like actual people you would see in the supermarket. They are adults, not teens, which may or may not matter. More importantly, they are just people, who look normal for the given situation, both in clothing and makeup effects.
Ending: I have seen SO SO SO many horror movies that are enjoyable, tense, good, something positive - and then the last five minutes of the film and everything before is ruined. Ruined. Hush at least provides at satisfying ending.
Other: Blood - there is blood, but no gore (which is the "guts" part of of blood and gore) and the blood is realistic. It's not over-the-top, it's not A History of Violence realistic. It''re watching the movie and the blood looks real - real.

All around, it's a decent movie. To achieve the most out of it, I would watch home alone with the lights out. 

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