Friday, August 5

Film Friday: Zoombies


Zoombies seemed promising from the beginning - I mean, zombie zoo - what's not to love?
Our film starts as any B-style movie would be expected to, with a who's-who checklist of our expected characters (the one who doesn't want to be there, obvious dead meat, the wise youth, et al.) and we are given the obligatory monkey turns zombie and attacks people scene (also, the scientists in Prometheus were more intelligent than the scientists in this film). 
Eventually the monkeys escape (duh) and crazy ensues. 
Now, there were some really awesomely fun scenes in this movie, and I did enjoy watching it. It was fun and light and utterly ridiculous and bad. 

But it wasn't bad enough and that made it really not good. What I mean is, they didn't take it seriously and accidentally become ridiculously hilarious, and they didn't embrace the silly. They just...kinda...made a movie and made everyone OVERLY stupid because plot and at no point do they really freak out and think "holy shit zombie virus" - they all just get obsessed with the aviary and debating how to handle that situation and tons of plot holes are left out, like why this zoo doesn't have better safety protocols and also I get we're worried about the birds getting out but also lions can jump pretty high so maybe worry about them getting out and infecting the population, too? And why is no one even asking where this came from and how it's being transferred. (Ostensibly by bites, but it's never pronounced in the movie.) The worst offense is that from the beginning, the infected monkeys seem to be moving with a plan - they go to specific areas and then from there onto another area, and the animals attack in packs and part of the worry of the movie is the zoombie's ultimate goal seems to be to get to the aviary so they can infect the birds and release the zoombie virus into the world and take over. This would seem to be some pretty organized zombie thinking, and there is so much - so much! that could have been done with this movie. It's like they got the idea, started writing the script and then decided "eh, screw it, I don't care." 
Still, fun and entertaining enough. But really. A fail.

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