Tuesday, August 9

The Weekend

- Went to the podiatrist and picked up my custom inserts. Now I just need to go shopping for a new pair of good sneakers to put them in. Excited for this when the time comes.
Also, my feet were finally professionally properly measured.
Guess what size they are?
Right is size 5(D)
Left is size 6 (DD)
Which left me like:
really tv reactions classic spock

I mean, I always knew the left was bigger, but I thought like half a size. Not an entire size and width setting. Feet are dumb.

- Finally got over the stomach flu (which is why there was no Sunday Confessions). Don't think it was a true stomach flu, but I was pretty miserable and I'd forgotten how miserable that crap can make me. Yay or being able to eat food!

- You know that feeling when you need to cry and can't? I binged on some Grey's Anatomy hoping it would spring the water works but all I could think was Meredith and Derek and so pompous and boring but everyone else is interesting. So nothing. Dead inside. I guess that's what you get for trying too hard with the tear bait.
Then I watched an episode of 30 Rock and randomly the tap turns on and here it comes. Damn you Tina Fey for your awesomeness.

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