Wednesday, September 7

Fashion Mistakes I Make

This idea was poached (with approval of course!) from this post by Steff in Scotland.

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~ 1.) MR. COMFY:

I think most people have THAT tee shirt. The favorite tee they've owned for years, it's been worn & washed to within an inch of its life. It's the softest, most comfortable thing on the planet. You could live in this tee. In my case it's extra nice because it's baggy and I love that. Unfortunately that also means this shirt has no shape. It just hangs. 
And yet.
I CONTINUE to wear this shirt in public. A lot.


My closet has these colors: 
-Olive Green
-Navy Blue
-Shades of Brown

I do have a couple of items that are colors. I have a sunshine yellow shirt that is a thermal sleep shirt. My bras and undies are colorful. I could have kitschy socks for days. There are a couple red - Red Hot Chili Peppers tees. I have like three white undershirts and a purple tank top.

Not so much with the creativity. I keep telling myself to open up to new color possibilities, but it doesn't seem to happen. Maybe someday.


This is kind of a matter of opinion. For the most part, in our house, buying clothes is a luxury expense. I mean that in of course the requirements are met. But we don't really have the disposable income to just see a sweater, think it's cute and purchase. If I spend $8 on a tee shirt from the Walmart, I need to know I can and will wear it a ton of times, because $8, yo. So while Walmart may not have the greatest quality in the world, I do definitely get a lot of use out of my clothes, and they have a long life - longer probably than what most people would consider normal. I am not really ashamed of this. It assures that I genuinely really like what I buy, and I don't just buy clothes because they happen to be on sale, because $3 is still $3. Which means I don't end up with a closet of stuff I bought just because it was cheap.

However, the result is that I do fairly often end up looking a little bit like a cross between Ron Weasley and Remus Lupin. 
I don't look like I'm homeless or anything, but just by looking at my clothes, it is obvious they are old and aren't from particularly fashionable stock. Which is really ok. That's cool. 
But I also know that this is a BIG fashion faux pas, especially among the capsule wardrobe crowd and those who worship at the alter of KonMari. 

I actually have a whole bunch more, but then we're just breaking into individual items or nitty gritty things. 

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