Sunday, September 18

Sunday Confessions September 4 2016

The United
States of Becky

I confess: I have had an utterly shit week. Think crappy poorly-written drama that doesn't do well at the box office. Although, the good news is, we haven't reached Lifetime or Hallmark movie level of patheticness yet - so there's that.

I confess: After failing to relocate the spiders on the patio before the exterminator got to them and then failing to convince him that he didn't have to kill them, because I was going to re-home them, (apparently this is like telling a surgeon that germs are fine) - I finally managed to safely capture and relocate the peeping-tom spider that has been hanging out in the bathroom. It's ridiculous and silly, but after everything, I feel like I needed that win. I was having a surprising amount of guilt over Mr. Big.

I confess: I made 3 Sunday Confessions headers, so they'll be rotated. I hope you like them. ;) 

I confess: I unfollowed a couple blogs and a handful of instagrammers. It is surprisingly hard for me to do sometimes because I feel a bit like I'm being disloyal, but things that went from being awesome for me are no longer a good fit and they just irritate now, like a shirt that has become too itchy to wear.

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