Sunday, October 2

Sunday Confessions: October 2, 2016

So I officially give up on trying to use the button function anymore - at least right now. No matter what I do right now I can't get it to work right. So I surrender to copy & paste land. :)

I confess: Fuck yeah October!

I confess: I am going to add some books to my goodreads page. I read them before I had a goodreads account. Somehow this feels like cheating.

I confess: Overwhelming urges to watch Practical Magic & Hocus Pocus already.

I confess: I know this is very un-American and horrible and letting the terrorists wins and I'm probably pro-torture and famine and I should be punished by letting spiders eat my skin but....guys...seriously.....I am considering not voting and letting the chips fall.
And a lot of liberal voters are all "that's what the Trump supporters want!" and I know a lot of conservatives are all "good...don't vote so Trump gets elected." (My dad & stepmom are hardcore Trump supporters. They have signs in their yard, yo.)
And I'm not saying FOR SURE I am not going to vote. I'm just saying it has crossed my mind.

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