Thursday, October 27

Why the Hiatus

I guess the biggest/most pertinent update is my return to work.
For those who don't know, I got a job as a prep cook at a restaurant we'll call FrumbleBinds. I love working at FrumbleBinds. Best parts about the job:
A.) Not working with the public
B.) The people I work with are fucking awesome!!!

It feels great to be back at work.
Also, exhausting.
I don't know how other restaurants work. But at FrumbleBinds, there is only one prep cook shift. You come in at 8 or 9 AM (almost always 8) and you stay....until the work is done. You have a list of everything and you go home when it's done. There's no...second shift to come in and take over, there's no evening prep to pick up slack and make sure stuff is ready for AM.

Some days, you make two trays of green beans in the morning and at 7:30 PM when you were trying to go home, you hear that all the green beans are gone and you need to make two more trays, because people ate them all.
Or you work twelve hours on Saturday and come in Sunday morning and find out customers ate everything you made the day before. They're like:

For some reason, though our city is fairly small, our particular FrumbleBinds location happens to be like, the 2nd busiest in the state.... honestly don't freaking know. I mean, we do a good job, don't get me wrong. But like, pizza, okay? Go support a local burger joint, go to that new Thai place and pretend it's actually Thai and not just Americanized Chinese food.

Honestly, I am not complaining. I do love my job, and job security is great. But we don't get lunches, and breaks are like...hey, I'm going to hide in the bathroom for a few minutes. Or, hey, I'm going to step outside and count to 100. We don't actually have a place for sitting or taking breaks or anything. The last two shifts I've worked have been about 8 hours. Prior to that, they've been rounding out between 10 and 13.

I'm working on balance and taking care of myself.
We do get to drink all the water we want. (And we can have soda, but I try to keep my soda intake down.) And I bring a couple protein bars to snack on throughout the day. And if things aren't too hoppin', sometimes one of the line cooks can make you a little snack. But still, you're not sitting down to eat, you're kind of inhaling it on the fly.
So even though I drink a whole bunch of water and eat my protein bars, the fact remains that I'm out of shape, and when I get home, it's this:

Image result for leonard hofstadter tired

I come home happy, in a good mood, but exhausted. My brain says: computer, read, write, movies, blog....and my body turns into a space station in a sci fi movie and is like "nope. Redirect all energy to life support systems only."  And next thing you know, I'm literally dropping my phone because I can't keep my eyes open because my body needs to recharge. Like when your phone stops responding to certain functions because the battery has gotten so low.

So it's a good job. I really do enjoy it. I love the people I work with - they are AWESOME!!! 
Some of it is finding balance, some of it is my newness and that as I learn and gain experience, I will get my groove - like everything when it is new. So I just keep plugging away, and I am going to work on getting blog posts done and scheduled on my days off. 

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