Friday, December 9

Film Friday: Santa Claws


By and large, this was a pretty enjoyable movie. Is it a smart movie with great production value and brilliant script? Um, NO.
Is it ridiculously awesome/light/fun holiday made for TV movie with a target audience of first graders? YES, everyone who on the internet who bitched about production value.

Are there things it could have done better? Yeah, sure.
The kid could have been less of a dipshit. The mom was laughably anti-Christmas. And her reasoning wasn't like a tragic back story, it was ridiculousness which just made it funnier. (So maybe that was good...?)
Weird guy with his keen Santa fetish interest was kind of...bizarre. But in a watchable "this is craptacular fun" way.
But that's what you do for this kind of movie. It knows what it is and it doesn't try to be something it's not. I could very easily shred this movie with plot holes and silliness and "that doesn't make sense even in this movie's universe" - but you just turn off your brain and watch kittens delivering Christmas presents. I mean, come on.

And to be honest, the delivering presents scenes are really quite cute, because it's mostly just scenes of kittens playing with tiny wrapped presents - which, ADORABLE. The sets for these are beautifully done, and for a low-budget TV movie with barely a plot, there is actually a reasonable enough amount of character development and growth. I mean, it's super silly, but it's there. If you like cats, if you like Christmas movies, turn off your brain, grab some popcorn and give this one 80 minutes or so of your time.

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Heads Up: Zero religious themes in this movie if someone is looking for something Christian. Also, be warned of excessive ridiculousness and cuteness.

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