Monday, December 5

Michigan Brand Music

A little while back in a post I shared a couple pictures I took "on a day trip to the U.P."
And I was met with a lot of confused: 
"What is the U.P.?"
And I quickly explained that it is Michigander shorthand for Upper Peninsula and people who live there are generally called "Yoopers." (Pronounced like shoop or hula "hoop".) 
There is even a band/comedy act that is rather iconic in these parts called - you guessed it -Da Yoopers.  The height of their popularity seemed to be when I was a young, when we would all run around singing their songs. Yes, there was a time when my friends and I knew the lyrics to all three of these songs by heart and would sing them in the back seat of our parents' cars for fun. Simpler times.

By far and away, this is probably their most famous song:

Tied for first as their most famous and successful song would easily be "The Second Week of Deer Camp".
There is also "Grandpa Got Run Over By A Beer Truck" for Christmas parody fun.

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