Wednesday, January 11

New Year's Vague Declarations of Semi-Intent

So all the cool bloggers have already posted their New Year's Resolutions/intentions and words for the year.
I don't have a word for 2017. I have a sentence. "Don't be such a lazy fucker."

I mean, I could give you the crazy turn-myself-into-magical-new-person list we all daydream about  a′ la  Bridget Jones.

I guess these are the things.

1.) I aim to work on my writing a lot more. 2016 wasn't a good year for me writing: I wasn't nearly as productive as I like to be, my brain felt empty with nothing to say.

2.) I plan to be much more active in my blogging with more regular posting and I have a bookmarked list of about 10 blogs I want to check out to see if I want to add them to my reading list. Last year wasn't great. (See above gif.) 

3.) Tied directly in with number 2 is the goal of working on being more social media present - specifically with my blog. That's actually why I reactivated my twitter. (A bonus of having a twitter account is that it's actually a super good way to keep in touch with Steff and discuss very important issues like why is it that Rory Gilmore has never had an unrequited crush? (Surely not EVERY guy she develops feelings for inevitably likes her back. There should be a guy who is like "you're boring and not sexy enough.") 
But I digress. In pursuit of having an actual writing career - especially in the age of digital identity - it's necessary to get "your brand" out there. Advertising. 
For a BRILLIANT example of the above, go to this link and read the short story, My Novel is Brought to You by the Good People at Tampax by Helen Ellis. (It's very short but darkly hilarious. If you read it, I'd love to hear your opinion.) So, yeah. Branding. (Groan again.) 

4.) Detox from sugar. Because while I haven't written about it (yet), I definitely have a serious sugar problem addiction. 

(PS, the reason I haven't written much on this subject is I'm trying to find the sources I want to cite but it's all involved and that just gets in the way of my being lazy time. See numbers 1 and 2.

5.) Oh, I have others. But the rest are more....find the perfect face wash, listen to more music, blah blah blah.

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