Sunday, January 8

Sunday Confessions 1-8-17

I Confess: I took 2 Pamprin half an hour ago and now I need a freaking nap because of all the drowsy/druggy feelings. But it works the best.

I Confess: I reactivated my twitter account and I'm actually using it. Not for anything important, mind you. (Oh and it's under @BookofBecky
But feel free to follow along so you too can read my stupid opinions about TV shows.

I Confess: I am SO SO SO disgusted and just....over it....with worrying about money and insurance and healthcare costs and just fucking all of it. You know that saying two steps forward, one step back? Sometimes it really feels like two steps back, with one step forward occasionally. Just sick of it all.

netflix season 3 orange is the new black oitnb idk

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