Sunday, January 1

Sunday Confessions January 1, 2017

I Confess: I've been doing a bunch of reading lately, but it's all brain candy, nothing that would be defined as "serious."

I Confess: I don't have any resolutions for the new year. I wish I did...maybe, kind of? I think for me what I really wish is that I was more disciplined or cared enough to stick to resolutions.

I Confess: I have a lot of writing inside of me. Part of me is afraid to do it. You know that quote "you just open a vein and bleed*"? Yeah...I'm not sure how ready I am to let that out. It's like therapy - so good, but so draining on so many levels and I guess I'm just scared to "open my veins," so to speak.

South Park randy marsh bleeding laying beaten
Post-writing feels

I Confess: Now that Christmas is over, I am not feeling the above header image. I might make another. Who knows?

*Not the exact quote; several versions of this quote from several different authors and columnists. Ernest Hemingway is generally cited as being the source, however, there is some debate about who actually said it first. 

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