Friday, February 17

Captain Trips

If you have been following my instagram stories, you'll know I was diagnosed with pneumonia last Saturday, to that point I'd already been "kill me now" sick for 8 days.

I am taking my antibiotics, and I am starting to feel better (if you follow me on facebook, you'll know I recently was able to breathe out of my nose for a while!) but still not great. Loaded the dishwasher today and that wiped me out.

I return to work tomorrow (fingers crossed for a good day!) and hope to resume regular blogging sometime in the next week.

Thanks to everyone for all the support you've shown on facebook and instagram and other. :)
You are all wonderful.

PS -  The nurses at the clinic had no idea what I meant when I said I had "Captain Trips" - and when I explained it, they didn't find it funny.
I do.

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