Sunday, February 26

Sunday Confessions February 26, 2017

I confess: I have so many movies to review for Film Friday and just started posts for lots of them. Oops.

I confess: I finally bought a Kindle Fire and I am not tech savvy. I am enjoying it, but there are so many questions. I find it very NOT user friendly and I am a little annoyed at the lack of certain apps available. Blogger, Bloglovin', and Dropbox all currently fall into that category. Grr. But for reading and for Netflix/Hulu, it is awesome.

I confess: I was at work yesterday, and I had some gas leftover from finishing my antibiotics. Since I was alone in the freezer, I farted. (Sweet merciful relief.) And then my co-worker came in, right as it was done. So obviously me and so not even close to "delicate." Clearly a "are you okay?/what the hell is wrong with your digestive track?" kind.

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