Sunday, March 5

Sunday Confessions March 5, 2017

I Confess: Shawn & I went to an Applebee's downstate. And our service was bad. I asked for 2 different dipping sauces for my quesadillas and only got one. (Okay, no biggie.) I said I didn't want salsa, I got salsa. (Again, not really that big a deal.) But. It took our server about 35 minutes to bring us our appetizer. And unfortunately, I'm not exaggerating that number. And while I understand things get backed up in a kitchen, it wasn't until the 25 minute mark that she was like "oh, sorry about the wait, things get backed up sometimes. It'll be out in a few minutes."  (Tip: that should happen at about the 12-15 minute mark so people will know they will be waiting. Rather than 25 minutes of seeing/hearing nothing from their server at all, which screams of "oops, forgot to put your order in."

 So, I am confessing: guess who only left a 10% tip? 

I Confess: Sometimes I want to do social commentary posts. Reactions to articles or stories about race, gender, human rights, etc. But I also don't want to bore/alienate people. But sometimes I get very pissed about the lack of common sense in the world. Also: sometimes I have questions. And I wonder if I am the only person who has these questions or musings. So I am curious: would this bother you guys? I honestly want to know, because I care.

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