Wednesday, October 4

Age of Anonymity

So you know how tumblr does "asks" and you can ask anonymously? That's one thing I wish blogger had.
So instead I did this: 

It's all over the internet, so I decided to have some fun and join in. (I'll be sharing it on facebook and instagram so you can use the link).
Now, yes, I checked and yes, the messages are truly anonymous, there is no way to figure out who sends what message. 
I made this available to anyone, whether they are a sarahah user or not. If you have thoughts, comments, or - moreover, a question (like a a tumblr anonymous ask), then be my guest and send it my way. 

* * *

Also, tumblr has those questionnaires that are long lists of things and people tell you which questions they want to know that answer to? 
Yeah, I just decided to pick out a few questions and answer them here, since I have about 2 tumblr followers and truthfully I'm not super active there anyway. (I don't actually find it particularly user friendly.) 
So, here they are. 

Name your 3 favorite pieces of jewelry:
  • I have a necklace with a yellow base and some tiny orange flower in it that I bought for like, six bucks. I've had to replace the chain part two or three different times, but I LOVE it, and when I wear it, I tend to fiddle with it when I'm nervous. 
  • A delicate silver ring with a pink heart on it. My dad had given it to my mom, even though it wasn't 'her', at all. When I was sixteen, I was super defiant my my mom & I were having a huge row. She gave it to me right before she moved out after she filed for divorce and I refused to hug her. To this day, I wear it when I feel like I need a little extra luck. (Silly, I know.) 
  • A small delicate pair of skull & crossbones earrings that I received as a birthday gift from a friend.

What accessories would come with a doll version of you?

     This is such a clever question. It would be: 
  • Burt's Bee's lip balm because I am never without it.
  • A book, obviously.
  • Cat, obviously.

Okay, that's a little piece of me. I am a little less anonymous.


  1. Oh, I was wondering what that post on Facebook was about! I really couldn't get into Tumblr, I've tried so many social sites and not all of them stick with me. So far Instagram and Reddit are my go-tos.

    I don't think I have anything I want to submit anonymously just yet? I'd have to think about it. Kind of a strange concept for me even though the internet is basically a bunch of anonymous people, ha.

    I think your doll would come with:
    dressed in graphic tee, cardigan, jeans, converse
    accessories: cat, library card, travel mug of (tea? coffee?)
    push button for sarcastic comments

    1. LMAO - I think you know the Becky collector's doll better than I do! :D
      No worries on the sarahah thing. If you think of a question, cool, if not - cool.

  2. I haven't heard about this...still not sure what it is? I will check it out. I don't get Tumblr at all really, I know lots of people use it but I find it overhwelming/confusing even to visit.

    1. Actually the only reason I have a tumblr in the first place is because of my friend having one and so I can interact with her on it. I send her (phone) messages all the time being like "How do you do this?" The Sarahah anonymous message thing is. . odd. I don't know. I figured I'd throw it out there.


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