Friday, October 6

Film Friday: Little Evil


Brought to you by Eli Morgan, the same man who directed and co-wrote Tucker & Dale V. Evil,
Little Evil is an enjoyable horror comedy than leans a bit more to the comedy side. Not at violent as Tucker & Dale, with less gore, but still with a good "horror" sideline. References to Poltergeist, The Shining, and of course, The Omen are strong, with a handful of others tossed in less obviously. 

The main star is Adam Scott as Gary and Owen Atlas who plays Lucas, the titular "Little Evil." Evangeline Lily is present, definitely not the star of the show, but does shine in all of her scenes. I particularly enjoyed that her character, Samantha, was as far removed from Kate Austen as imaginable, and for that I am thankful, and I believe the difference will only serve to help Lily's career.

Let's take a look at the trailer: 

There is very little gore, (I don't actually remember gore, to be honest), the story is smooth and builds the conflict level-by-level.
It's a funny, enjoyable little movie that I would definitely watch again. The suspense factor is low, so I don't really think people who are non-horror fans or "don't like being scared" would have a problem with tension. As far as being kid-friendly, that's really a decision a parent should make, and would be on a case-by-case basis, pursuant to the sensitivity level of each kid and what they find humorous. (I would've laughed my ass off as a kid watching this. I also know a kid who would be terrified, so...)

It's a Netflix original, so it's available on Netflix, and probably will eventually be available on dvd/blu ray, but I don't think it is just yet.
Is it a fantastic piece of film making that is going to redefine a genre? LOL No. Is it a fun and silly shout-out to horror movies? Yup.

Heads Up: Some language, some violence. Lots of famous actors in small roles.



  1. Ha, omgosh I just watched this last night! My husband put it on while I was still on my laptop and dumb me thought it was the second episode of Ghosted because I missed the opening credits. I was so confused, like, wait, he got remarried already? What happened to his other wife! HAHA.

    Honestly I was annoyed by the wife character, the overprotective blind to all faults mamma bear type, but that's just my own personal bleh towards those types in real life too.

    Otherwise it was pleasant background type movie for me, once I figured out I was watching a movie,and not a totally different show, lols.

    1. Lol - how is Ghosted, anyway? I only ended up watching one episode of it.
      I agree - this is a perfect background type movie.

  2. Pretty much agree with all of your thoughts


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