Sunday, October 1

Sunday Confessions October 1, 2017

I Confess: I am about five episodes in on Season 7 of The Walking Dead and I'm just not really feeling it. I will continue watching, but mostly I just spend the time less emotionally invested and more wanting to be in the middle of a Norman Reedus/Andrew Lincoln sandwich.

I Confess: At my cousin's wedding, there was this girl there. I have no idea who she was. But her energy was BOUNDLESS. Dancing, dancing, dancing. Not coked-up/methed-up energy, but just...she had energy to spare because she was naturally energetic. Jealous. 

And that was the moment I decided to change my eating ways. Random, odd, but true.

I Confess: Shawn & I called in sick to work yesterday and today because of a flu-ish thing. So last night when I called in for today, they were like "Are you going to go to the Dr.?" And I was all "No, it's Sunday, the Dr.'s office isn't open." (In a "duh" tone.) And they were like "Well, Urgent Care is open seven days a week."
Because our old GM was pretty decent and understanding (and sometimes yes, some asshats would take advantage of his good nature) about call-ins. Our new GM is like "If you call in, you better have a Dr.'s note.)
Now, I understand where he's coming from . . . to a point. We have a handful of people at our work who show up when they happen to feel like it call in a lot. Like, a lot. And then we have people who don't call in a lot but it does happen. So I'm going back to work tomorrow, haven't seen the boss yet, but in my mind, I'm like:
"I am NOT going to spend half an hour driving across town to Urgent Care to wait for three hours for a doctor to tell me - yup, it's a virus, you should be doing what you've been doing which is resting and drinking lots of fluids and not be up and spreading your germs to everyone here and also at your restaurant where you work with raw food all day."

In FACT, one time a long time ago, I went to a doctor I don't normally see when I had a super bad chest cold and I thought it might be bronchitis. And the Dr. was like "it's a virus. Drink lots of fluids and rest. Take something for the coughing if you need to." And then he said: "If you'd waited a few more days, you'd realize it's going to pass on its own and you don't need to come to the doctor for things like this."
So, yeah. Policy is policy, but asshattery is asshattery.
We shall see how tomorrow goes.

What are you 'fessing up to this week?


  1. I think I stopped watching after season five, I just couldn't. Whatever the season where Negan came in and stuff, so maybe a bit through six??? I love Negans character but just the direction the show had been going was just ugh. But I will take a slice of that Norman/Andrew sandwich ;)

    Isn't it weird where motivation comes from sometimes??? Like, after my breakup from my 7 year relationship, I was on the bus and this woman was just having a fun conversation with the bus driver and looked to be having a great day and her laugh was just wonderful. It prompted me to just try to figure out to be happy and stop wallowing in self pity. I started trying different hobbies, went back to school, started saying "yes" to all (ha, so few) invites to do things, which led me to meeting my husband!

    The sick thing is sooo lame. I don't know why some management can be so strange about it. Like my current supervisor was trying to convince me to like, NEVER TAKE A DAY OFF. Um, then wtf is my PTO (paid time off) for?

    1. Yeah, it's SO SUPER WEIRD! Like, a small random, unrelated thing can trigger that "epiphany" which is actually something you already knew and it's so random. Yay for energetic dancing girls and laughing girls talking to bus drivers! ;)

      The good news is that they were pretty cool when we returned to work on Monday; nobody asked for a note and they were actually understanding and there was no "I'm still grumpy about this" weirdness where you feel like you're in the doghouse and have to win favor or something. So, relief!

  2. In NY employers are legally required to give employees paid sick time based on how many hours they've worked, or something. Does Michigan have anything like that? Even if they don't, I sincerely doubt they'd have any actual cause to "discipline" someone for calling out sick one or two days. Ugh, I'm sorry that person is such a dick. It makes me so angry because so much of the time, it's the same people that are like "WHERE'S YOUR DOCTOR'S NOTE" that are also like "UGH HEALTHCARE FOR POOR PEOPLE? GROSS!" Meanwhile, our system is bloated in part because assholes like them require "doctor's notes" in order for people to stay employed. ASDLFJSD DSFAKJ. Take the time you need! Get better! You only get one body, take care of her. Are you feeling any better now? :-)

    1. You so sweet! Hugs!
      1.) Thank you for commenting and also for linking up.
      2.) We do not really have requirements like that. Michigan is not in a good place right now with PTO of any kind, health care, etc.
      3.) It did turn out ok - no one gave us problems or guilt trips or acted like we were in the employee doghouse. Things were good, which was nice. It's also funny because I had really worked myself up into this indignant rant about money and health insurance and all of that and then they're all like "Oh, how are you?" And then like nothing happened. *Shrug. I guess sometimes they just react in the moment on the phone. Just glad it worked out. We have a health insurance option offered by our work, but last year it was super expensive...fingers crossed this year we can afford it.


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