Sunday, October 15

Sunday Confessions October 15, 2017

I Confess: My apartment complex has a MSHDA (pronounced mish-duh) inspection coming up because half of the complex is normal rate and half is income based and rent controlled. So they're coming later this week to look things over. It's essentially the same as when big wigs from corporate decide to visit at a workplace. So we've all had to be cleaning like crazy people. I mean, I am a pretty clean person anyway, but we're talking scrub your pantry shelves, dust behind the refrigerator level of inspection. Groan. I'll be happy when the whole thing is over.

I Confess: Yeah. . . apparently my uterus thought it would be funny to have my period start eleven days early. So much grrr.

 tv surprise american horror story ahs fx GIF

I Confess: There is this manager at work. And I like all the managers well enough. But there is one, whenever he gives instruction or suggestions, on the surface I'm like: 

 yes thumbs up nun no problem nacho libre GIF

And in my head, I'm like: 

Sorry I didn't get these out earlier today. I'll be better prepared and have the link button up again next week. 


  1. I think we are working on opposite periods right now, according to my app mine is a few days LATE, but if I look back through the months, it ranges from 28 to 45 days apart so not very helpful. Now I remember the one reason why I was on birth control, you know, aside from that whole not wanting babies thing.

    You sound much cleaner than me!!! If I had to have an inspection of my house right now oh lord help me. Part of it is due to not wanting to disturb all the daddy long legs in the various corners...shhh, don't tell the husband.

    1. LOL I GUARANTEE you I am not cleaner. I'm just like normal clean. Not obsessive clean. But we had that MSHDA inspection which was a big deal, so....
      My period is stupid. The only good things for me about being on birth control was the reliability of my cycle and it did help with breakouts. I am hoping, however, that some of the changes I'm making will end up having a positive influence and my body will sort itself out. Fingers crossed. :)

      PS - It's like Year of the Spiders up in here. Everyday. Every. Day. And they are big and meaty. Like, WTF spiders? Is there a stash of growth hormone hidden in our walls, because - damn.

  2. Ugh cleaning suuuucks! I only just did a minor clean yesterday, can't imagine what lurks behind my fridge! I use a period app, it does help me keep better track but yeah some months my period just does want it wants - that sucks, sorry!

    1. Mostly I like the period tracker app because I can be like "ah, yes, I am NOT insane, just hormonal." :)


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