Wednesday, February 28

Baked Bacon

So all over, everywhere, I have seen recipes and how-to's for baking bacon. I tried it once, maybe?  I can't remember trying it, but I think I did. So let's say this is my first time. (LOL only with cooking. Definitely can't use that kind of logic with say, sex. "No, I don't remember doing that, so it didn't happen." LOLS)


So I was hungry and hankering, and I hate cooking bacon in the frying pan. It's so...ugh, splatty, and you have to like, check it and turn it and basically I'm lazy as fuck and don't like splatter.

So I baked that package.

1.) Lined a baking sheet (technically a "jellyroll" pan because it has those little sides, which I HIGHLY recommend) dull side up.

2.) I use cooking gloves in the kitchen because I hate touching raw meat.

3.) Just a normal size basic package. I think it was 12oz., store brand, not thick cut or anything special.

4.) I put it on at 375°(F). 
Started with 10 min. Then 6 more minutes. Then 4 more minutes.
And then I was satisfied.

  • It could have come out after 16 minutes, for those who prefer...less crispy/cooked bacon. I honestly could have cooked this for a few more minutes, even, because I like really crispy bacon. 
  • I could have let it cool and refrigerated it for later, but I was specifically making it for breakfast today.
  • The foil was perfect. I do have specialized "non-stick" foil, but it wasn't necessary and the bacon came off super easy.
  • The special benefit of the jellyroll pan is that it kept all the grease inside the foil, so literally all I had to do was  crumble it up into a ball unto itself and toss it. Easy-peasy!

1 package regular thickness bacon.
Lay out on (jellyroll preferred) sheet lined with foil, dull side up.
15-25 minutes @ 375°F, depending on crispy preferences.

Honestly, it was so freaking easy, I can't believe I made such a big deal out of worrying I wouldn't do it right. And it would be super easy to do multiple packages in a row or use two trays at once, or whatever.


  1. Omgosh, is there anything better than the perfect peice of cooked bacon??? I love to use bacon to scoop up the yellow goodness of over easy eggs. The one thing that totally sucked about cooking bacon was all the mess, ugh (my Mexican friends say this is why Mexican kitchens have the whole oven area covered in foil, because of all the frying).

  2. Yes! And also I love toast sort of folded over and wrapped around bacon!
    This method totally made my life easier; it's how I'm doing bacon from now on. If you ever try it this way, let me know what you think.


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