Sunday, February 25

Sunday Confessions 2-25-18

I Confess: I have achieved the official level of "I hate my job." Yes, I officially hate my job.

I Confess: I finally convinced Shawn to let me read World War Z to him and he is really enjoying it and I'm like "Score! I knew you'd like it, sucker! Ha ha, I win!"

I Confess: My old computer died, so I bought an inexpensive laptop from Walmart, but I had to return that because there were issues with the mouse touch pad. The confession, however, is that a couple days after returning it, I realized that I accidentally left my copy of 28 Days Later in the dvd drive.


  1. Oh no about the job thing :( There's no real coming back from that from my experience.

    Hey side note, do you guys call liquor stores "party stores" ? saw that on reddit, they said it was a Michigan thing.

    1. Um, yeah, people tend to call them "party stores." I never thought about it. I mean, I guess it depends. No, we call 'em party stores.

      Hopefully my job crap will get better.


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