Sunday, February 4

Sunday Confessions February 4, 2018

I Confess: Go Eagles! Go literally any other team than the Patriots. That's right. I'm a Patriot hater. 

I Confess: I am trying very hard to be more body positive - and I'm getting there - except with myself. I mean, I'm more accepting of myself as I am than I have ever been before. And yet - still feel like I am actually just a giant blob getting bigger and blobbier by the moment. 

I Confess: I have taken a nap every single day this week. 


  1. Most of the people at my house for the Super Bowl were cheering for the Eagles for the same reason, ha. No Tom Brady love. Did you see the photos of him in that ridiculous coat??? Lols for days.

    I think winter is hard to eat healthy and feel healthy, it's just too cold.

  2. I think it can be harder to eat healthy or feel like eating healthy in the winter - I know it is for me.

    Most people I know were rooting for Philly. I think I have even "confessed" to hating the Pats before for Sunday Confessions. ;)

  3. Hey I see gifs! I was secretly rooting for the Eagles too, which is like illegal considering I'm part Masshole ha ha! Check out articles on body neutrality if body posi feels like a mountain, I totally relate, it's not easy. it's natural, it's not something that happens overnight and just coming to a place of acceptance is a huge step. I like the podcasts of Christy Harrison, Summer Innanen and Sare Vance - they're different every week, it's not all "rah rah everybody can love themselves it's easy", they get into a lot of aspects of society and dealing with stuff. Anyway I think it's super awesome you are thinking about it! xo

    1. Oh, you lovely lady! Thank you for the help and info RE: the gifs. This helps me to know what does and doesn't work, so I appreciate the feedback. Also, THANK YOU for the podcast links! Yay!


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