Friday, March 23

Film Friday: Love, Simon


Love, Simon is a light and sweet coming-of-age story with the twist that Simon is not just coming of age, he's coming out. It is very much reminiscent of the John Hughes films of the eighties and I mean that as a compliment. Based on the book Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda,(which I loved and definitely recommend), the film stays fairly loyal to its source material with only minor changes.  

There are plenty of laughs and a couple of moments that aren't necessarily tear-inducing, but my eyes got a little misty and I welled up a little bit. 
Simon makes us genuinely care for him, and to genuinely root for him as if he is someone we know. The ending is a bit cliché and probably takes the furthest steps from the book, but in context of the movie, it at least makes sense and itsn't over-the-top ridiculous. 
While the performances didn't call for Oscar level commitments to character or scene, the acting was solid, and I do think everyone came across as true. Nick Robinson has been on the way up for a few years now and this movie solidifies his future as a lead actor. It wasn't necessary to have Jennifer Garner play the mom, since it is a small role, but perhaps her star power helped the film get made and - as anyone with an electronic device can attest to - advertised the hell out of. (Smart move, 20th Century Fox. Smart move, indeed.) 

Heads Up: Language. 


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  1. I don't think I have heard of this movie before... but that happens to me a lot, ha. My husband and I have the movie pass thing, and we were on the way to the theater (and on the way I mean parking the car) when I asked, wait, what movie are we seeing? lols. Even after telling me I was like, huh, ok, I have no idea what that movie is. (Game Night: which is hilarious by the way).


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