Tuesday, March 13

Sunday Confessions 3-11-18I

So get this: I wrote this and everything on Sunday around noon. It was all set to go and perfect and I go to check comments today and dur - I hadn't actually POSTED it. Oi. So enjoy, two days late:

I Confess: I've been doing a lot of writing lately. A lot of times I write fiction stuff, but lately it's been all non-fiction, Becky's life/memories stuff and it's been leaving me drained and emotional and all the feelings (but it is cathartic).


I Confess: I am SUPER glad to have gotten out of work early today, because one of the managers has had a rough couple days (as has literally everyone who works at the restaurant), and she just felt like taking it out on everyone this morning.

I Confess: I have had some very angry, bitter - downright hateful thoughts about one of my co-workers recently. Much more hatey than my normal hate.



  1. It's funny how just writing down your thoughts can make you feel better even if the process feels bleh!

    I feel you on the work front, I'm... having my own issues. Sigh. Feeling a little isolated with my feelings. But hoping that this is all temporary. Hope yours works out as well! We all need that paycheck, why does it have to suck so much to get it.

  2. Hey, if you ever want to email me RE: needing to just talk or vent, please do. That is what friends are for. :)
    Yeah, why does working a full time job have to suck so hard some weeks?


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