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Sunday Confessions: March 18, 2017

I Confess: Work has been stressful lately. I got written up for "talking smack" & "spreading rumors" about a co-worker - the one I referenced in last week's SC, saying I had hatey feelings. I'm going to call this person *Travis. So, Travis had/has a bit of a cliquey club, of which he was the ringmaster of. So one of his friends did something that got on my nerves and I snapped and said I was sick of this little clique's bullshit. (Only two people were around at the time, neither members of his little group. Anyhow... Travis and all his little cliquey friends find out and they all go the store manager to tattle that I said mean things. Which is true. I said them, and they were NOT NICE. But. They were true
(Admittedly, I probably shouldn't have spouted off that I hope he chokes on a bag of dicks.)

I Confess: The same day I got written up, Travis quit. Just walked in at his normal shift time and said "I'm done." I do not know what reason he gave for quitting, but I suspect it was something along the lines of "can't work with her anymore." What no one knows (or gives a shit about) is that Travis didn't suddenly feel like he just couldn't take working with me anymore. He had been job hunting for months, had a job lined up, and for MONTHS he had been saying, "When I leave here, I'm going to come in on (X) day and be like 'See ya! Do X Yourself!'" 
But either no one else knows or cares or whatever, because somehow it is my fault that 'Saint Travis' decided to quit and leave them in a lurch.


I Confess: The backlash has been...draining. The manager who was besties with Travis has not retaliated because - that's a big no-no, but the vibe is there, and the snide remarks are made with the rest of the their little Cirque Du Clique in corners like a group of twelve year olds. (Most of these people are in their early twenties and I am SO VERY MUCH reminded of how many kids I work with.) A few people have "unfriended" me on facebook, which is fine, because I barely use it anyway and I don't want their bullshit in my feed at this point anyhow. There has been silent treatment from a couple people, no one deeply important. When others chat with me, a couple of the clique members give them dirty looks á la Ron Weasley "You're fraternizing with the enemy." It's honestly like being back in elementary school.

I Confess: Most people at work have been fine, and a few of my friendships have been unharmed - so far, only time will tell with a couple of them. A small handful of people are like "this whole thing is dumb, people are so immature, WTF, also, let's sing!" I'm sure in time the bullshit will die down, even if their hatred of me for my hatred of their leader will not. 
It's just stupid and petty and seriously just draining. 

I Confess: I still hope he chokes. Maybe I've added a person or two to that list. 

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  1. OMG that sounds like the WORST. Isn't it weird how you don't feel old until you hang out with young people and suddenly you're like holy hell, please tell me this is a new thing that young people are so fucking stupid and I wasn't like that at all PLEASE but then you know that isn't true.

    I wish it were just young people that lived for that drama llama, but in my experience it permeates all age levels. I've been struggling with work as well for various reasons. Mostly because my job just sucks in general.

    I also got a verbal warning, but it was for a person going to an appt, but there was a chance that they couldn't have gone to that appointment, so even though everything went ok, the possibility that it couldn't have gone well is a big no no apparently.

    Sounds like you need to get the hell out of dodge as well, unless the turnover is high and there will be a bunch of new employees eventually.

  2. I don't really know your job, but sorry you got a verbal. I don't fully understand how it was your fault, but still. Sorry. And sorry you've been struggling with not liking your work. That is sucky.

    A lot of the bullshit is young people, but there are a couple of people in the mid thirties and beyond range involved - people who by all rights should be more adult. But if they were, this post wouldn't have happened.
    Ugh. Eventually things will change, I hope.

  3. People suck, especially young clique-y people! Hope it dies down soon, they sound lame ass though, so sorry you have had to deal with that. I will put a hex on all of them! And managerial "feedback" is so often unnecessary and just mean, I hate managers. ;-)

    1. Aw, you so sweet! Hugs! I love you! :)


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