Sunday, May 6

Sunday Confessions: May 6, 2018

I Confess: I was goofing off on instagram looking at Harry Potter shit, when instagram helpfully suggested that I might be interested in following Tom Felton. And you know what? Why yes, thank you instagram, I think I will.

I Confess: I used Color Oops to remove hair color buildup from my hair and also hopefully even out the tone. And now my hair is roughly this color. And not in a good, happy way. But in a maybe-I-should-just-shave-my-damn-head way. I'm sure it will fade and become more natural with more washings and eventually I will be coloring it again. But seriously.

I Confess: You may or may not know that I have a tendency to bounce around with my writing. Which is not conducive to productivity/goal reaching and such, but is kinda fun because I give myself free license to just write what I'm down to write. 
So I decided to write some porn stuff. And it started off great...until a plot started developing and characters started getting developed and so now it's like a normal novella, but with smut. 


Although it has been SUPER fun to write! 

Do you read anything erotic/smutty/porny? Would you? If so, what level of plot-to-smut do you like? What kind of stuff would you read? You can respond here or via facebook messenger or private instagram message or whatever. I really am looking for feedback.


  1. My hair has been irritating me on all the fronts: color, texture, length, generally frizziness. I have had fantasies of just shaving it all off, usually spiralling into WHY I would "have" to shave my head because if it was for a "real" reason than that would be ok, and apparently my fantasies also have to be realistic.

    I tend to be VERY shy on the sex front, I don't watch porn or read it. I have read the smutty/romanitic novels, thinking hey, maybe? But no, not really my thing. But also maybe I just haven't found the right type. Sometimes I think I should, because my own "stories" get boring/tiresome and I spend more time trying to figure out the story and background in my head before I can get to the *good* stuff that I just lose interest, run out of time, ha. Like, since I'm married, I have to come up with the why I'm not married anymore, because, hello, I'm married. WHY SO MUCH REALISM I DON'T KNOW. Then I feel bad for divorcing my husband or killing him, so I have to give fantasy me enough grieving time before I can move on. Just typing this out makes me sound like a crazy person :D :D :D But if I try to make up a character, SHE ALSO NEEDS A BACKSTORY, I need to be invested, ha. So much work.

    Sorry that I am not that much help in this area.

  2. OH MY GOD your response just delighted the hell out of me! It is SO MUCH ME! I am the EXACT same way. Like, I have to figure out what the hell I did to make my husband leave me and then it's all "but why would I do that in the first place!?" and then I feel bad for not being a good wife and then it's like, he's passed away and then I feel both guilty and sad, and even if I try to move on from that, I'm like well, I have to account for a proper mourning period, so then in my mind I'm about fifty, and then it just keeps going downhill more and more and I generally end up feeling guilty and shit. Or, I do the same thing where if I put myself in some other shoes, I have to make sure there is a good back story for it....which is EXACTLY what happened with my first attempt at writing smut. I was like "I can't just throw two people and have them have random sex, it has to build up at least a little, and it has to be believable and such. Like I want my readers to ENJOY the fact that my two characters are having sex, not just "here is a scene of two people doing things to each other." And that is why I've decided my sexy novellas are going to be the smart woman's smut novel. And now I'm pretentious. :( But at least I feel better about how ridiculous my mind is. :) PS - Thanks for reading and commenting - it's been so long since I posted I wasn't sure anyone would check in!

    1. Ha, I'm so glad I didn't delete my comment now :D I was trying to explain this just now to my husband cause he was like, what are you typing over there. And he was like, what is wrong with you, its FANTASY.


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