Wednesday, June 27

Lazy Monday Trip

On Monday, Shawn and I went for a little drive for fun. 
The weather was perfect - between 78°-86°.
We didn't go far. 

First, we stopped at one of the many scenic lookout spots that we have on our coastline.

 We stopped into a bar/grill intending to have lunch, but when we opened the door, it was like a scene in a movie where someone walks into a bar and suddenly everything goes silent and everyone turns as one to look and see who is there. I WISH I was exaggerating that. But it couldn't have happened better if a director had stood there and yelled "action!" So we awkwardly sat down and had some (shitty quality) cheese sticks and bailed.

We drove around and checked out nature reserves and tiny lakes and ended up going on a ridiculous trail hike which was only 1.2 miles, but it was all little hills with a steady trend upward.

When we eventually reached the first lookout spot on the trail, the view was of course worth it.

We ended up having a light dinner at The Mayfair Tavern in Elberta and then headed home.

It was a fun day. 

The Lake Michigan coastline is insanely beautiful. Some views require hikes, some don't. Some hikes are harder than others. But the view is always worth it.